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Conversion of novels,
essays, manuals, guides,
and other works
, illustrated
or not, whether they have a layout
or not, in the format in which they are
(rtf, word, plain text, database , etc. )
to digital book EPUB 2.0 format.
Price of the conversion to
EPUB: 25€ per book

Conversion to
MOBI format.

EPUB 3.0 fixed layout creation.

Providing advice by e-mail
or other electronic means on the
creation of EPUBs and revision
and correction of conversion errors.

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Tagging in XML and HTML
of documents, databases and
text corpus, in different textual formats
such as RTF, plain text, quark, etc.

Creation of XSLTs scripts of conversion.

Analysis of the structure of textual
documents, design and
creation of 'dtds' and
XML 'schemas'.

Semi-automatic layout of
XML documents with Indesign.

Searches by pattern and extraction of
text strings.

Advice on the tagging and the
structuring texts.

Creation and maintenance
of textual data databases.

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Creation, updating
and maintenance of web
pages and applications,
carried out with
FLASH, HTML5, Javascript,

Design and creation
of multimedia applications
in FLASH and HTML5 such as
support cds for education,
animations, etc.

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Robert Placer López de Alda

Professional with years of experience
in the area of computer publishing.

Contact and request for budget to:

Robert Placer López de Alda
e-mail: rplacer@textconv.com

Profesional con una formación
híbrida entre la filología y la informática
y experiencia en el mundo editorial.

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